About Darwin Game Fishing Club


Welcome to the Darwin Game Fishing Club

Established in the late 1970's, the Darwin Game Fishing Club is a community based amateur fishing club accommodating all levels of anglers from complete novices through to the highly competitive. Monthly "catch-ups" are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.00pm at the Darwin Trailer Boat Club, with informative and hands-on theme nights and point score updates for our club competitions. Meals and bar facilities are available. The main focus of our "catch-ups" is to interact with a friendly, exciting group of anglers who are interested in fishing and happy to pass on their extensive fishing knowledge on local rivers, harbour and blue water destinations.

We hold three annual tournaments, the NT Barramundi Classic, Shady Lady Classic and the NT Billfish Classic, as well as an ongoing point score competition, where club members can submit their catches every month.

The NT Barramundi Classic is held on the Daly River and in 2016, celebrates its 35th Anniversary. In 2015 the club added the Shady Lady Classic a new ladies tournament to our events calendar and will be run again in 2016. Heading into its 8th year, the NT Billfish Classic will be run in early November and "Billfish Base" will be run out of at the Darwin Trailer Boat Club. 





Col Cordingley 1983 - 1985
Colin Reeves 1985 - 1986
Alex Julius 1986 - 1989
Phil Hall 1989 - 1991
Chris Makepeace 1991 - 1992
Brian McManus 1992 - 1993
Ron Bochow 1993 - 1995
Martin Stone 1995 - 1997
Roger Sinclair  1997 - 1998 
Rowan Short 1998 - 2000
Kevin Bochow 2000 - 2002 
Julie Fisher  2002 - 2004 
Josh Ker  2004 - 2011 
Steve Roberts  2012 - current






Chris Makepeace July 1994
Col Cordingley July 1996
Roger Sinclair July 2000
Ron Bochow September 2003
Kevin Bochow September 2003
Wayne Baldwin September 2008
Josh Ker December 2015
Dennis Saunders December 2015